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Conical Measuring heads
2-point PMK-KE conical and multi-point conical measuring heads with titanium nitride coating       
measure precision diameters at a defined depth, ovality by rotating during the measurement process and form errors in the hole.
The repeat accuracy of our 2-point measuring heads at IT 8 is < 1µ.
All Hexacon PMK´s are manufactured of high-quality tool-grade steel and treated at no extra charge with a quality-improving titanium nitride coating. TiN coating provides very good hardness, about 2200 HV, as well as corrosion resistance with very good sliding and friction characteristics. The improved service life results in high cost-effectiveness as well as protection of the measurement object. The measurement points are fabricated from coated hard metal. Diamond measuring points upon request.
PMK-ME-KE 2-point/multi-point conical precision measuring head
delivered with integrated holder for inductive measuring probes Ø 8H7 mm. Thread for handle M35x1.5mm or M40x1.5mm. With insertion chamfer. Depth stop using Allen screws.

PMK-ME-KE-1 - Kegelmessung


 PMK-ME-KE-2 - KegelmessungPMK-ME-KE
HM-ME-M35/M40 • Handle for PMK-ME-KE
Robust handle of aluminum for reliable protection and handling of PMK-ME-KE conical metrology instrument.
Thread M35x1,5 • Order number: HM-ME-M35x1,5
Thread M40x1,5 • Order number: HM-ME-M40x1,5




Conical measurement instrumnet PMK-ME-KE with handle HM-ME-M35 and induktive probes mounted.