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Modular measuring system
The modular measuring system offers helpful elements for the designer.
The variety of types for screws or adhesive fastening, with or without stop, can be used for many application.
The holders are provided by default with a clamping ring with Allen screw SW ∅8H7. Starting from a length of 30mm they are also available with double clamping ring or knurled screw M3.

MB DR Dial gauge
holder for clamping

MB GS Dial gauge
holder for screw

MB Dial gauge
holder for clamping
MB KS-RS Clamping ring
with knurled screw
MB KS clamping ring +
Allan screw M3

knurled screw M3
HM-02-32 Standard  
dial gauge   holder
MB KS-2 Double-
clamping ring ∅8H7