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Prism Gauge
Precise measurement of chamfer with 45° angles on 90° workpieces. Includes dial gauge.
FT-01 precision 45° chamfer probe with titanium nitride coating
Prismatic measurement principle. Measures precision chamfers with 45° angles on 90° workpieces. Diameter 30mm. Set includes dial gauge, display accuracy of 1/100mm.
Standard dial gauge connection, diameter 8H7 mm. Can also be combined with other analog and digital dial gauges as well as inductive measuring probes. 
Order no.: FT-01 including analog dial gauge • Order no.: FT-01-X without dial gauge.



The dial gauges have concentric indicator arrangement. Measuring range 10 mm



We recommend also digital dial gauges with a factor setting.


Digital dial gauges with factor setting capability allow direct display in mm. The setting or conversion factor is 1.4142.